Feng Shui Elements

Feng Shui Elements- How Are They Useful?

Feng Shui is based on the idea that all things in our environment including inanimate objects are instilled with some type of movement. Some might consider this a belief but actually every object and all the elements consist of molecules and atoms which vibrate and are in continual motion. The atoms are projecting energy out into the world and although the energy is not visible, people who believe in the concepts of Feng Shui believe this energy has an influence on your life on a daily basis.

By utilizing the principles of Feng Shui elements you can create a situation in your home where everything in your house including inanimate objects will provide positive energy for you. However in order to take advantage of the positive energy you must eliminate any negative energy that might be occupying your mind as well as having a strong belief in the authenticity of Feng Shui.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui

Chi which is the energy found in objects as well as humans and even a location is quite important in the principles of Feng Shui. The Chi energy actually flows about your home or any other environment you happen to be in. The elements of Feng Shui have a vital role in creating a balanced environment of Chi in your home and your place of work. The five elements of Feng Shui include wood, metal, fire, water and earth. Each of these elements has its own unique characteristics and the elements might be compatible, however they might also be combative with other elements.


This Feng Shui element represents traveling, communication and learning. Water can be kind or destructive. In your home as well as your work environment water can be represented by an aquarium or an indoor fountain or by objects that are black or blue.


Wood is the Feng Shui element which facilitates creative energy and causes motivation and inspiration as well as passion in people. It is believed to represent ethics and generosity. Plants, flowers and green colours are wood items to place in your environment.


The Feng Shui element metal has the ability to conduct as well as transmit energy thus believers in Feng Shui typically include metal objects in their environment. Some people believe that metals can be beneficial for health just by wearing them. Metal also represents money and success; however it also has a destructive quality.


Earth is a Feng Shui element which represents stability, permanence as well as home. If you live in an environment which you consider too busy and full of too much movement the element of earth can cause things to slow down in your environment. Earth objects to include in your home include pottery, ceramics and the colour yellow.


Fire represents passion and energy and followers of Feng Shui consider fire to be the most powerful of all the Feng Shui elements. All the elements are vital in Feng Shui but what the believers in Feng Shui are very concerned with is the compatibility of the elements and trying to create harmony among the elements which will produce harmony in your life.