Five Elements – Metal Element

The METAL element is yang because hard reflective surfaces make chi flow faster. It is also symbolized by metal items, such as bowl of coins, photo frames, candlesticks, plates, clocks or works of art. Crystals can also be used as well as white, grey or silver coloured objects and spherical, round or domed objects. All types of metals can be used including stainless steel, copper, brass, iron, silver, aluminum, and gold. Really hard, polished stone surfaces such as granite or marble can also be used to add metal energy to a room. Black wrought iron is a good metal example.

The METAL ELEMENT is found in:
  • All types of metals, including stainless steel, copper, brass, iron, silver, aluminium, gold and wrought iron.
  • All rocks and stones, for example, marble, granite and flagstone.
  • Natural crystals, rocks and gemstones.
  • Art and sculpture made from metal or stone.
  • Shapes of the circle, oval and arch.
  • The white and light pastel spectrum of colours. Metallic colours.