The EARTH element is symbolized by earthenware objects, porcelain and stone. It is also symbolized by earthy colours such as yellow, brown, ochre, terracotta and beige. The earth element brings harmony to a space, so if you want to kick start a relationship or boost your ability to learn, you should use ceramic bowls, porcelain jars, terracotta pots or furnishings in earth tones, even crystals.
Keep in mind that the earth element is also associated with low wide and cube shaped objects – like coffee tables, and as low spreading plants.

The EARTH ELEMENT is found in:

  • Brick and tile.
  • Ceramic or earthenware objects.
  • Shapes such as squares, rectangles and long flat surfaces.
  • Art depicting earthy landscapes of desert, fields etc.
  • The yellow brown and earth tone spectrum of colours.