Chinese metaphysical studies use the “farmer’s calendar” or “Hsia calendar”. The Five Elements in the Chinese Calendar represent everything in the universe.

  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth

This connection of the Five Elements is crucial in foreseeing global and individual occurrences. Everyone’s astrological chart encompasses the four essential elements, referred to as’ Bazi’, ‘Paht Chee’ or the ‘Four Pillars of Destiny.’ These elements unveil a person’s destiny, influencing relationships, health, success and more. Through their interplay, positive and negative outcomes arise. Analysing a person’s fortune becomes possible by examining their birth date, offering a means to amplify positive outcomes and diminish negative ones.

The Five Elements are believed to be the essential components of everything in the universe, including sounds, colours, shapes, directions, numbers, emotions, organs, etc. When you understand the Five Elements’ complex relationships, you understand the theory of life.

Three cycles define the interaction

  1. Productive Cycle
  2. Exhaustive Cycle
  3. Destructive Cycle

The elements are either good for us and each other, or they exhaust or destroy us. The Earth’s Paht Chee, Bazi, or “Four Pillars of Destiny” chart changes yearly based on the date’s elements.

The overall perspective is determined by analysing the elements at play throughout the year, considering the annual and daily elements. According to the Hsia calendar, the yearly element is Yang Wood on Yang Earth. In contrast, the day element is Yang Earth. It is essential to comprehend the interplay of these elements to predict the general outlook.

In the Hsia calendar, 2024, the Year of the Dragon, is represented by Yang Wood over the Dragon, an Earth element. This creates a Wood year conquering Earth in the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. Following the cycle of birth and destruction, if the two elements are in a conflicting and conquering relationship, the year may experience increased conflict and reduced harmony.

Yang Wood Traits Unveiled – Leadership, Challenges and Transformations

In the realm of Chinese Astrology, the Yang Wood element of 2024 is akin to a stubborn and principled tree, symbolising leadership qualities. Those embodying Yang Wood’s traits are often perceived as steadfast and uncompromising, presenting negotiation challenges. This robust character occasionally leads to confrontations, as witnessed in the Israel-Palestine war of October 2023. Despite initial challenges, the Yang Wood over Dragon configuration holds potential for resolution. The Dragon’s concealed water element can shift adversarial dynamics into supportive ones, fostering room for negotiation and compromise after intense conflicts.

Exploring 2024 – Yang Wood in the Heavenly Stem, Earth Dragon in the Earthly Branch

Qualities of Yang Wood

Yang Wood epitomises leadership and resilience, mirroring the strength of an unwavering tree. Individuals embodying Yang Wood are recognised for their steadfast nature, making compromise a considerable task. Despite their tenacity, they exhibit kindness, reliability and honesty—resembling a towering tree, firm and grounded. Interactions with Yang Wood’s personality can be challenging due to their determination and occasional assertiveness. While benevolent and reliable, they may act impulsively, presenting challenges in altering their course.

Yang Wood excels at identifying mistakes but can be overly critical. Confidence ties closely to financial success and physical attractiveness, evidenced by a well-groomed appearance. However, this confidence is fragile, especially during adversity, like a tree weathering a storm. Yang Wood individuals may grapple with anger rooted in low self-confidence, using it as a defence mechanism, highlighting the importance of patience during emotional storms.


In the professional realm, Yang Wood subtly extends its influence like trees reaching for the top. Their impact may be invisible, requiring specific conditions— time, patience and supportive environments—to grow and bear fruit. Ascending to a company’s top is risky for Yang Wood, as they might face removal after reaching success. Subsidiary roles or being second-in-command better suits them. While they can conceive grand plans, delving into details may prove challenging, necessitating
assistance. Yang Wood excels in refining existing ideas but may need help generating new ones due to information overload.

Once Yang Woods established systems, they resisted changes, like trees avoiding modifications. Generous yet strict leaders, their approach varies based on business
performance. Stability over relocation is preferred and a career is essential, shaping their self-confidence. Prestigious job positions with good status and financial rewards are sought after, motivating them; otherwise, motivation wanes.


In business, Yang Wood prefers familiar and quick solutions and is willing to take risks for faster results. Innovation isn’t their forte; they excel at revitalising existing ideas. Collaborating with innovators and detail-oriented individuals can unlock their full potential. Their sales strategy is assertive, driven by a desire for swift deals, given their limited patience for prolonged client interactions.


Financial management is not a strong suit for Yang Woods, favouring high-stake gambles for immediate gains. Proficient in navigating stock markets for quick profits, high risks can lead to significant losses. Collaboration and occasionally allowing others to show bring a more balanced approach. Reluctance to heed financial advice and limited research necessitates a collaborative process.

Friendship and Relationships

Inherent kindness and support characterise Yang Wood individuals, but their tree- like nature may give the impression of selfishness. Strategic engagement with others occasionally for personal benefit is observed. Constant competition, akin to trees vying for sunlight, isn’t openly displayed, but a subtle drive propels such behaviour. A vibrant social life is enjoyed, with a preference for individuals from higher social classes. Morally questionable associations may arise, attracting them to less reputable individuals. Involvement in misconduct and scandals, especially among male Yang Woods, may occur unless consequences lead to gradual reform.

Emotion concealment makes it challenging to find true friends, extending to romantic relationships where expressing feelings is approached with reluctance. Despite challenges, Yang Woods strives to be genuinely kind and helpful, driven by their competitive nature.

In navigating 2024, understanding Yang Wood’s traits offers insights into leadership, challenges and opportunities for transformation.

Strengths: Generous; Independent; Protective; Determined; Fast thinking; Practical; Strong; Forthright; Kind; Loyal.

Weaknesses: Selfish; Stubborn; Subjective; Old fashioned; Rigid; Aggressive; Vain; Blunt; Superficial; Critical.

Wealth and Success in Chinese Astrology The Yang Wood Element

In Chinese Astrology, the prevalent Wood element serves as a harbinger of wealth for individuals aligned with it. Among the 12 animal zodiacs, Wood stands in conjunction with Water, Metal and Fire, while Earth boasts four animal representatives – Dragon, Dog, Ox and Goat. This distinctive distribution gives Wood individuals a dual opportunity for financial success compared to other elemental counterparts. Notable Wood entrepreneurs like Elon Musk of Tesla and Bernard Arnault, the world’s wealthiest individual in 2023, exemplify the prosperity associated with this element.

Yang Wood Icons Innovators and Revolutionaries

Eminent figures embodying the dominant Yang Wood, such as Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley, have transcended borders to become international icons, celebrated for their groundbreaking ideas and revolutionary impact.

Navigating Challenges Yang Wood’s Influence on Negotiations

Despite Yang Wood’s inclination towards stubbornness, posing challenges in negotiations and compromises, the prevailing Wood over-Dragon dynamic allows for robust talks. The interplay of Wood, Earth and Water elements within the Dragon fosters resilience and facilitates understanding, even amid heightened confrontations and conflicts.

Prominent Personalities with Dominant Yang Wood Element

Many accomplished individuals marked by a significant Yang Wood element have risen to prominence, showcasing leadership and excellence across diverse industries. Icons like Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Keanu Reeves, Sam Hui, Keifer Sutherland, Britney Spears and Kristen Stewart stand as compelling examples of success, highlighting the profound impact of the Yang Wood element on their remarkable journeys.

Unveiling the Dragon

In the realm of Chinese Astrology, those born under the Dragon sign are bestowed with an array of remarkable qualities.

Dragon Characteristics

Power and Wisdom Dragons emanate immense power, wisdom, strength and vitality, translating their diligent efforts into grand achievements. Thriving on challenges, Dragons quickly earn respect and support others, portraying themselves as creative optimists with a steady demeanour, excelling notably in business. Bold and Vibrant, Symbolising good luck, Dragons exude confidence and glamour. While occasionally displaying vanity and arrogance, their impressive qualities leave a lasting impression.

Social Radiance Energetic and full of life, Dragons enjoy social settings, relishing the spotlight and investing in new attire to reflect their enthusiasm for life and parties.

Male Dragon Traits

Honesty and Convictions Male Dragons exhibit unwavering honesty and strong convictions rooted in culture and tradition. They prioritise work and financial prudence, seeking fulfilling lives. Solitude Over Compromise Male Dragons may choose solitude over compromise in relationships while seeking compatible matches, remaining bachelors if a suitable match proves elusive.

Female Dragon Attributes

Strength and Feminism Female Dragons advocate for feminism, showcasing self-esteem and self-reliance. Excelling as wives, they balance family and career responsibilities with exceptional skills.

Leadership and Culture

Symbolic Authority In Chinese culture, Dragons symbolise authoritative emperors guiding people forward. With lofty ideas, Dragons emerge as highly self-conscious, straightforward and rarely sloppy, making them talented and wise leaders.

Dynamic Flame of Life

Generosity and Vitality Dragons are known for their generosity, vitality and strength. Viewing life as a colourful and dynamic flame, they set high ideals early, expecting others to meet similar standards.

Confidence and Persistence Exuding confidence, Dragons refuse to admit defeat, showcasing their potential for outstanding achievements. While they can be aggressive, their decisive actions and personal initiatives may lead to remarkable success.

Distinctive Approach

Intimidation and Generosity Dragons can be intimidating, using it to discourage challengers. Despite their strengths, they remain neither lavish nor stingy, admired for their generosity. In essence, Dragons stand as captivating individuals, weaving a tapestry of characteristics that make them leaders, influencers and dynamic forces in the vibrant canvas of life.

Challenges and Weaknesses

Despite their myriad strengths, Dragon encounters challenges that stem from their dynamic personalities.

Overconfidence Pitfall: Confidence can sometimes metamorphose into overconfidence, leading to aggression that may harm relationships and careers. Dragons sometimes exhibit self-centeredness, bias and whimsical standards, persisting unreasonably.

Short Temper and Impulsivity: A significant weakness lies in their short temper, triggering impulsive and rude behaviour when provoked. Their aggressive pursuit of achievements can result in burnout and akin to Virgoans, they may become overly critical, straining relationships despite their generosity.

Intimidating Presence: Despite their generosity, Dragons can be fierce, using threats to deter
challengers, creating a challenging competitive environment.

Career Choices

People born in the Year of the Dragon find their strengths well-suited to intellectually engaging fields such as politics, teaching, entrepreneurship, psychology and public relations. Their creative inclinations make roles in writing, photography and the arts appealing. The freelance lifestyle aligns with Dragons’ tenacity and aversion to traditional office settings.

Best Jobs for Dragons

Dragons thrive in diverse professions, excelling in roles like lawyers, healthcare workers, architects, artists, company executives, entertainers, politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, psychologists, public relations executives, writers, photographers, academic researchers and freelancers.

Wealth Perspective

Dragons view wealth positively, considering it a tool for personal goals and positive impact. Their innate entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking and tenacity contribute to wealth accumulation. Despite a penchant for a lavish lifestyle, financial prudence is paramount, valuing long-term stability. Creative minds lead Dragons to excel in business, investments and financial ventures, leveraging dynamic energy for prosperity.

Love and Relationships

Dragons bring passion and magnetism to love and relationships, drawing others in with charismatic charm and unwavering commitment.

Best Matches: Rooster, Rat and Monkey
Challenging Matches: Dog, Ox and Goat

The Dragon is… Best with Rooster
And Worst with Dog

Perfect Partnerships for Dragons: Despite surface disparities, Dragons find remarkable compatibility with certain Chinese Animal Signs.

RAT and Dragon: Mutual support and attention characterise this strong and harmonious alliance, where both are attuned to each other’s needs.

OX and Dragon: Formidable collaborators, the Ox tempers the Dragon’s impulsiveness, creating a potent team with boundless potential.

TIGER and Dragon: An exhilarating duo marked by excitement and volatility, forming a high-energy team capable of achieving remarkable feats.

RABBIT and Dragon: The Rabbit’s calming influence complements the Dragon, fostering harmony, especially in business ventures.

SNAKE and Dragon: A mystical union where shared reptilian nature fosters deep understanding, proving beneficial in various aspects.

HORSE and Dragon: Despite frequent arguments, this pairing is entertaining and intriguing, adding an exciting dimension to their relationship.

MONKEY and Dragon: A brilliant, dynamic partnership marked by cleverness, versatility and activity, making them a formidable team.

ROOSTER and Dragon: A dramatic yet positive partnership, possessing prominent personalities that complement each other, making their union intriguing.

Mismatched Matches for Dragons: Conversely, Dragons may encounter challenges with specific Chinese Animal Signs.

GOAT and Dragon: Dragons attract Goats, but their indifference can hurt, creating a challenging dynamic.

DRAGON and Dragon: There is a strong connection if collaboration is achieved, yet conflicts often arise.

DOG and Dragon: An incompatible pair with mutual dislike from the start, destined for failure due to irreconcilable differences.

PIG and Dragon: While the Dragon inspires the Pig, caution is advised to avoid being “roasted,” necessitating reserve in the relationship.

Four Pillars of Destiny
Dragon Sign Individuals (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024)

“Offending the Grand Duke” equals offending the year’s energy. To mitigate negative influences, consider wearing a Rooster pendant.

Renowned Personalities Born in the Year of the Dragon

  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Charles Darwin
  • Kamala Harris
  • Imran Khan
  • Elle Macpherson
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Andy Warhol
  • Christopher Reeves
  • Glen Miller
  • Boris Johnson
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Adele
  • Shakira
  • Christian Dior
  • Ringo Starr
  • Shirley Temple
  • Rihanna
  • Bruce Lee
  • John Lennon
  • Emma Stone

The Dog and Dragon Clash – Navigating Challenges (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

Individuals born in the Year of the Dog may face turbulence, accidents and shifts due to clashes with the Dragon. Consider caution in travel, job changes and residence moves. Wearing a Rooster pendant adds protection and risky activities should be avoided.

Prominent Dog-born Personalities

  • Prince William
  • Kate Middleton
  • George Bush
  • Madonna
  • Donald Trump
  • Barry Gibb
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Justin Bieber
  • Dame Judi Dench
  • Bill Clinton
  • Cher
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Uma Thurman
  • Vince Vaughn

Challenges for Dragon-born Celebrities in 2024:

  • Bill Gates
  • Tiger Woods
  • Eric Clapton
  • Justin Bieber
  • Will Smith
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

Recommended Measures for 2024

  • Wearing a Rooster pendant
  • Caution in sports and business
  • Mitigating negative relationship influences

Harmony for the Dragon In the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon finds harmony with the Rooster, Rat and Monkey. The Dragon in 2024 Insights and Cautions

Star of Arts and Loneliness

The Dragon, known as the “Star of Arts,” fosters creativity but can lead to loneliness and relationship challenges. Combined with Yang Wood’s stubbornness, this may result in discontent, anti-social feelings and potential mental health issues.

Year of the Dragon Challenges in 2024

  • Absence of “nobleman” luck
  • Presence of a “self-penalty”
  • Potential for rebellion, hatred and violence

Prioritise Mental Health

  • Embrace relaxation exercises: Tai Chi, yoga, meditation
  • Adopt patience and a compromising attitude for problem-solving

Elemental Clashes and Health Concerns

  • Dragon clashes with the Dog, leading to potential earthquakes and landslides
  • Self-penalty relationships may contribute to building collapses
  • Increased road accidents associated with earth elements
  • Health issues: stomach problems, indigestion, diabetes and cancer for Dragon and Dog signs
  • Yang wood atop signifies potential headaches and mental health challenges

Caution for Specific Health Issues

  • Heart, brain, or nervous system concerns
  • Yang wood’s impact on headaches, mental health and motion sickness
  • Liver-related issues affecting eyesight, hair and moles

Navigating Astrological Influences in 2024

Dragon and Dog Dynamics: In the astrological landscape 2024, individuals with the Dragon in their Bazi, Paht Chee, or Four Pillars of Destiny chart may encounter a penalty relationship. Simultaneously, those belonging to the Dog sign face a clash with the Grand Duke, also known as Tai Sui, ushering in the potential for changes, movement, or accidents. Carrying a Rooster pendant is recommended to alleviate the impact, as the Rooster harmoniously combines with the Dragon. Notable personalities like Kate Middleton, Prince William, Madonna, George Bush, Donald Trump, Barry Gibb and Sylvester Stallone, all falling under the Dog sign, may find themselves navigating clash energies in 2024.

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