8 Simple Feng Shui Tips…

FENG SHUI TIP 1: Remove the Clutter

This would have to be the one single problem that I see the most of and it would have to also be one of the easiest to remedy. Clutter can cause stagnant energy to accumulate, causing people to feel drained, tired and lethargic. I can usually walk into a business and just by looking around offices and desks; I can see who is having challenges, issues, delays and being unproductive. The same for a home; a home that has heaps of clutter will experience difficulties, challenges and issues.

We seem to come from a generation of hoarders, you were taught never to get rid of anything, you might need it someday; only to have it sitting there for years taking up space and collecting dust!

So have a good sort out and clear the clutter, you will improve the energy levels, work levels and productivity will increase no end. There is also a saying that goes like this ‘To make way for the new to come into your life, you need to get rid of the old’.

FENG SHUI TIP 2: Get a Water Feature

Water features are great for improving the wealth of the home or business, but there are is a few placement rules. Water features come in many forms, they can be a table top or wall water feature, fish tank or bowl, and of course a fish pond or swimming pool. First of all make sure that any water feature you have is flowing water, stagnant water will create stagnant finances. Make sure you never let the water become green and murky; this will have a negative impact on your finances and the larger the volume of water, the bigger the impact. Water in Feng Shui represent Prosperity, so you make sure that the water is moving and is crystal clear. Also make sure that the flow of the water is going towards the home or if it is an inside water feature, into the home. This represents money coming into the home. You can always experiment with this one and see what happens when you have your water feature with the water flow going out; it can be quite interesting. If you have a fish pond or tank, 8 or 9 gold fish are the most auspicious amount to have. NEVER have a fighting fish, this creates conflicts and never place a water feature or the colour blue in a bedroom that is being used for sleeping as it represents financial losses. One of the best places to locate a water feature is in the South East section of any of these areas, the garden, the house, business or room as this is the Wealth section in one particular school of Feng Shui. If a bathroom or toilet is located here, do not place anything. Pictures can be utilized, however the same rules apply and they are not as strong as the real thing.

FENG SHUI TIP 3: Placement of a Money Frog

Place a 3 legged Money Frog, (sometimes known as the Moon Frog) and place by the front door of the home or business and make sure that he is pointing INTO the business or home. He brings in money and opportunities into the home and business. Also make sure that the coin (which should be placed in his mouth) has the side with the 4 Chinese characters facing up; this is the Yang side which is more active and aggressive, which is what you want when inviting money into your home/business. TheYin side, which is the passive, gentle side has the 2 characters on it and should be facing down.

FENG SHUI TIP 4: Check out the Placement of Mirrors

The first to look at is the front entrance; you never have mirrors opposite the door; the reason for this is that it shall bounce any good positive ‘chi’ (energy) straight back out again and isn’t given the chance to meander through to the rest of the home/business. Never have any mirror in line with doors or windows. Be careful with mirrors that reflect the bed. For a small child it may create nightmares, for adults it creates irritability, lethargy, tiredness and health issues (some serious). You can have a solid bed end to block it. You can cover with a sheet or table cloth at night if it is a dressing table mirror. With the large robe mirrors, you can either remove or reverse them. If that is not an option then you can install a curtain to drop down at night. If that is not an option, then put posters or pictures all over the mirror. If that is not an option, then place a Mayan Ball in front of the mirror.

FENG SHUI TIP 5: Get Rid of Cacti and Dried Plants

Cacti plants are considered to be exceptionally negative plants to have; basically speaking they represent ‘poison arrows’ and it can affect health in a major way. I would recommend removing them completely. Having dried flower arrangements are also exceptionally negative; they have no life thus are ‘dead’! Having them in a Master Bedroom can create relationship issues and at a front entrance of a business, they can cause financial challenges. Again, I would recommend that you remove them completely and I would suggest having live, colourful plants and flowers; fresh of course. Remember, that as soon as they die, they must be replaced.

FENG SHUI TIP 6: Use Jade Plants and Cumquats for Abundance

If it is possible I would recommend placing a pair of either of the above plants on either side of your front entrance, as they represent ‘Abundance’, you could have both of them even. But only if you have the space for them; you do not want to be preventing the flow of energy from being able to get through the front door. With Jade plants, if they are growing mad and hit the floor then you will need to ‘clip’ it back a little!!!! If you chop it right back, your finances will suddenly be chopped back!

FENG SHUI TIP 7: Keep Bathroom Doors Closed

Bathroom and Toilet doors should be kept closed at all times! In ancient times this area was nowhere near the main place of residence, today we can see homes with up to 3 toilets and bathrooms, which are INSIDE the home. In some of the newer, modern homes the Ensuite have not doors and the entries are getting wider and more ornate by the weeks; this is so negative. So what to do? Well, I would say for those that have doors, SHUT THEM, for those that are open, install a door of some kind. This can be a proper door, sliding door, sliding blind/screen or it can be a curtain of some description. Open bathroom/toilet doors represent money and energy going down the drains or toilet. I would also suggest that you get into the habit of putting the toilet lid down once you have finished. Our daughter learnt from a very early age to close the toilet lid and close the door; mind you telling her that it would be her pocket money that would be going down the drain may have been a great incentive and now she is 14 years old, it has become habit.

FENG SHUI TIP 8: Set up Your Office Desk for SUCCESS

Make sure that your desk has at least one side up against a wall. Never have it sitting in the middle of the room, this is what we call a ‘Floating Desk’ and the result can be no support for the business or the person that sits there. If possible, place the desk so that you can see the doors and windows. To have your back to a door can cause a person to become tired and lethargic as well as feel insecure. I would also suggest having your desk so that you have your back to a solid wall with only enough space to get in and out; this places you in a position of authority, the power seat if you like. When you don’t have your back to a wall, it can cause you to become vulnerable. Now if you are not in a position to move your desk, then have a high back chair to give you the support; a bit like a throne. Make sure your desk is clear of clutter, or you will become unproductive and you can place a Laughing Buddha on your desk of prosperity.