Feng Shui as a Business and Career

Does your energy flow smoothly around you? If not, did you know you can improve your life just by rearranging your space? It may sound unlikely, but a few simple changes to your home, office or yard can make an enormous difference to how you feel, how effectively you work and your relationship with others.

Feng Shui is a mix of philosophy, science and art. It connects us with Heaven and Earth and creates a balance in our lives. It literally means ‘wind and water’, two of the strongest forces on Earth. It is an ancient Chinese idea dating back to third century BC.

If you Google ‘Feng Shui’ you will find more than ten million hits. It’s popular with celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Pierce Brosnan and Madonna.

The builders of Hong Kong Disneyland redesigned it by moving gates 12 degrees and realigning walkways to optimise the location’s Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is all about chi (energy) and how it flows around you. Good Feng Shui will enhance your quality of life and result in good health, better relationships, wealth, career growth and most importantly, happiness. Bad Feng Shui can be harmful to your quality of life.

Positive Feng Shui can be achieved by looking at things such as colours, doors, lights, furniture style, furniture layout, windows, water fountains, mirrors, art, plants, pets and every other aspect of your personal man-made spaces. A Feng Shui consultant enters your space, assesses how things are arranged, advises you about positive changes and leaves you to flourish.

While it is open to many interpretations, the basic idea of Feng Shui is to bring harmony and balance into the home and workplace by activating positive physical and spiritual energy.

A deep knowledge of (and a belief in Feng Shui and design philosophy) is needed to have a successful Feng Shui career. If one doesn’t have that, then a career in plain interior design or becoming a professional ‘de-clutterer’ is always an option.

People who take Feng Shui seriously and study it extensively eventually become experts or Masters.

Feng Shui is popular amongst celebrities, corporations, individuals, and business people. Feng Shui consultants are often brought in to work on offices, homes, stores, yards, open spaces, even amusement parks.

Feng Shui Consultants charge per consultation, on an hourly rate or rate based on square footage.

A full time Feng Shui Consultant can make $80,000 to $190,000 per year, while a celebrity Feng Shui Consultant could make up to $250,000 per year. If you can maximise a client’s life potential they can maximise your income.

If you want to help people achieve a better life you should look into being a Feng Shui consultant. You could make a living, a reputation and a difference to people’s lives.