Roll on 2018 time to leave behind the competitive, Rooster and bring forth the gregarious loyal Yang Earth Dog, and it is now that time of the year again to start getting organised and looking towards next year’s Feng Shui Maintenance Update and Year of the Earth Dog Seminar. To buy tickets to the seminar, please click here. You may be an existing client, student, and friend, business associate or new to Feng Shui.

FENG SHUI UPDATES GIVE YOU THE ABILITY ! To empower yourself for 2018

2018 Feng Shui & Astrology Maintenance and Seminars gives the advantage by being prepared with insight for health harmony love and business opportunities. Tips for your home from Flying Stars, Chinese Astrology and Bagua, tune into the time changes so vital to take into consideration during 2018 Year of the Earth Dog bringing good life force and victory luck, creativity, success, opportunities, full of achievements. This year’s Dog has strength and resources, but to move ahead you must be skilful using creativity to think outside the box. Winning comes from cleverly using the resources that are available – using your brain instead of flexing muscles. A year of challenges for many, but also full of resources with the ability to create success, businesses, empires and millionaires.

The Earth dog represents loyalty and generosity, is an ethical and idealistic energy. A year of social awareness, slow and steady growth. Thinking big will bring a series of small victories this year to those whose creativity and quick thinking will lead them to new frontiers of improvements …

Be prepared for 2018 Earth Dog… While you MUST be well-informed and prepare to stay safe and go beyond the gregarious Dog energy, you should also try to optimize benefits from your Four Pillars (birth chart) and 2018, which highlights your friends and allies.

To welcome in the Year of the Earth Dog, start de-cluttering your space now.

The Annual Flying Stars are the Feng Shui energies that relate to the compass directions on the world chart for 2018. Unlike a Feng Shui analysis of your premises, which is unique and extremely accurate, the Annual Flying Stars have a major impact on your life with each New Year.

Each year, it is important to consider these yearly changes. It is important in Feng Shui to be prepared and to take the opportunity of benefiting from the auspicious changes and to negate the inauspicious changes that the Year of the Earth Dog may bring.

Complete Feng Shui invites you to place your Feng Shui Maintenance Update order as soon as possible.

Purchase the 2018 Calendar of the Earth Dog here.

2018 Year of Yang Earth Dog is about “Consolidation, preparation and completion, a year to build and strengthen laying ground work for future success”

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