Five Elements – Fire Element

The FIRE element exudes an extremely high yang energy and is most powerfully symbolized by red and purple, bright lights, candles and sunshine. Triangular, pyramid, pointed and star shapes are also associated with fire, as are zig zag and geometricpatterns and plants with pointy leaves. You can add a red vase, a group of lit candles, a pyramid shaped sculpture or scatter some red and purple cushions and rugs. You could also install a skylight or fireplace, to add fire to a room.

The FIRE ELEMENT is found in:

  • All lighting, including electric, oil candles, natural sunlight and fireplaces.
  • TV, stereo, computer, microwave, fridge and electrical equipment.
  • Items made from animals such as fur, leather, bone, feathers and wool.
  •  Pets and wildlife.
  •  Art that depicts people and /or animals.
  •  Art that depicts sunshine, light and fire.
  •  Shapes such as triangles, pyramids or cones.
  •  The red spectrum of colours.