Five Elements – Wood Element

The WOOD element is associated with trees, vegetation, the colour green and cylindrical, tall shapes. To encourage and improve energy, place furniture or decorative objects which have been fashioned out of wood in the appropriate sectors. You can also use a tall plant, vertically striped blinds a green vase or up lighters? When choosing furniture, keep in mind that soft -wood is yin and hard-wood is yang, so balance out the use of both woods.

The WOOD ELEMENT is found in:

  • Wooden furniture and accessories.
  • Wooden paneling, siding, roofing and decking.
  • Indoor and outdoor plants and flowers, including silk and plastic flowers.
  • All types of plant based cloth and textiles, such as cotton and rayon.
  • Floral print upholstery, wall coverings, drapes and linen.
  • Art depicting landscapes, gardens, plants and flowers.
  • Column shapes like the trunk of a tree, beams, pedestals, poles and stripes.
  • The green and blue spectrum of colours.