Optimism, innovation and progress for 2017…

Chinese Metaphysical studies work from the Chinese Calendar known as the farmer’s calendar or the Hsia calendar.  This is a uniquely accurate system were everything in the Universe is represented by Five Elements. These Elements are: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The relationship between the five elements helps predict what is happening worldwide and within everyone’s destiny. Everyone has all these elements present in their birth chart – they are known as “Four Pillars of Destiny”. The elements’ presence gives an insight in to personal destiny. They interact with each other and the interaction is either good or bad. This is where our good and bad relationships come from, health issues, success etc.

The interaction is classified into three cycles; the Productive Cycle, the Exhaustive Cycle and the Destructive Cycle. The elements are either favourable and produce good things for each other, or they are unfavourable and they exhaust or destroy each other.

The world also has a Four Pillars of Destiny chart, which changes each year in line with the date of the Chinese New Year. So essentially, the Year of the Fire Rooster in 2017 will take effect on the 4th of February 2017. This is therefore the date we use for the world’s Four Pillar Destiny Chart. From this information, we know which worldly influences will take place each year.

The coming year is dominated by Victory White Star 1 which is a vast improvement over last years’ Illness Star 2. This indicates a notable shift from darkness of the black star 2 to the brightness of the Victory White Star. So with this appearance of white energy, growth and improvement is anticipated. There will be greater harmony despite continue trouble spots brought on by personal tensions and competitive pressures from Yin Fire. Ambitions run high, but there is enough for all. Wealth creation is the driving force behind new growth. It is a good time to adapt to the new scenarios of change.

In 2017, Yin Fire sits on top of Yin Metal. As Fire conquers Metal in the destructive cycle, and have a fighting relationship, there will continue to be disharmony this coming year. We can continue to expect international conflicts. Yin Fire, unlike last year’s yang Fire which had a “quick temperament” energy wise, will be more sentimental, sensitive, emotional, tense and nervous with the energy slowly accumulating then exploding. Which can at times be more serious than yang energy. Yin Fire also symbolises bullets and guns bringing further clashes with Fire arms. The Metal representation of a dagger can be associated with killing and assassinations. 911 happened on a Yin Fire day and Yin Fire Rooster month. Hiroshima also a Yin Fire day and Rooster year, Osama Bin Laden was also killed on a Yin Fire day. So, it seems 2017 will not be a peaceful year with strong indication of further war, gun battles killings and terrorist attacks. There is the likelihood of explosions, fire disasters and nuclear issues in 2017, due to the influential Yin Fire energy present. As Fire also relates to birds, airplane and flying objects, drones will rise and as the Fire is Yin and flickering and unstable, this also indicates further air disasters. The Rooster being Metal relates to machinery so there will continue to be more traffic accidents involving cars and trains particularly in the Rooster hours 5 -7 pm, Rooster days and Rooster month being September.

However, the good news is Fire symbolises happiness so the quality of people’s general energy will feel more honest, warm-hearted and kind, optimistic but illusive. Yin Fire is reliable and trusted but can be dramatic and moody. Yin Fire will often boost confidence and the economy. Yin Fire is optimism and Rooster is “Peach blossom” representing beauty and romance generating sentiment for happiness and entertainment. It will be favourable for glamorous events and entertainment will be on a high.

Yin Fire Rooster also brings Nobleman and Academic luck so scientific developments will also rise. 1957 was a Yin Fire Rooster year – the first satellite was launched into space, Aspirin was invented and electrons discovered. The musical “West Side Story” debuted. John Lennon and Paul McCartney formed the band Quarryman which became the Beatles. In 1897 a Yin Fire Rooster year Bram Stokers novel “Dracula” was published. Interestingly Bram Stoker was born on a Yin Fire day in a Yin Fire year, like modern day vampire Rob Pattinson who was also born a Yin Fire day. The Yin Fire person is emotional, warm hearted, sentimental, dramatic, innovative, nervous, tense and suspicious. Some famous artists like David Bowie, Rob Pattinson, Bob Hope, Chris Rock and Rowan Atkinson are all born on Yin Fire days. So, 2017 looks like another year of conflict with creativity and illusive hopefulness abound.



In Chinese Metaphysics, Yin Fire is representative of the heart, blood circulation, brain, nervous system and eyes. Therefore in 2017, there will be an increase of sickness related to heart, blood, inflammation, brain and nerve problems like hyper tension and stroke. The Metal element present in the chart relates to lungs, breathing organs and skin problems. As Fire conquers Metal, there will be further issues for people relating to lungs, breathing and skin issues. As Yin Metal attacks Yin wood, which relates to small bones, it is also necessary to take care against accidents causing injury to fingers, toes, limbs and the back bone. In 1993, a Rooster year, Brandon Lee died of a bullet breaking his back, also in a Rooster year, Madonna fell off a horse and broke bones.

Supplements to assist your immune system will be beneficial such as Omega 3, anti-oxidants, COQ10 and Vitamin C.

In the past years, from 2013 to 2015, there has been Earth present in the worldly chart which has seen an increase of weight gain. In 2016 and now 2017, due to the Metal element’s presence, there is the opportunity for us to exhaust the excessive Earth gained and therefore get rid of this weight. In general, people should engage in more exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle. Making the most of this year to trim down as next year 2018 the earth element returns.

In Flying Stars Feng Shui, Flying Star number 2 which represents sickness, will be in the North West of all countries, homes and businesses, therefore making it difficult to escape sickness if this is your entry, kitchen, living area or bedroom in 2017. Avoid sleeping in the North-West sector if possible. This will affect the patriarch and Pig or Dog people the most. To help protect yourself you can place a Salt Water cure, Health Gourd and 6 Gold Coins on red tassel in the North West of your home.



Yin Fire is illusory, influential, optimistic and competitive.  In 2017, there is hope for wealth creation and economic prosperity. The Fire Element brings with it strength, optimism and confidence. With the increase in consumer spending, the stock market will bring about good performance. Particularly in the first half of the year but will sour in the third and fourth quarters. So, to avoid loss and disappointments in the second half of the year, take care from August 2017.


In 2017, Yin Fire Rooster year, it is advised to change jobs only in the first half of the year.

Recognition and promotions will be difficult. Creativity and flair will not be appreciated very much this year. Unless of a scientific nature. Figures of authority and leaders will tend to be high handed in their ways. Tension, conflict, dissatisfaction and gossip will be rife so avoid getting involved when possible.

Also in 2017, the Elements of Fire and Metal are anticipated to bring prosperity to the Fire industries. This is because Fire conquers Metal, and Metal is symbolic of money to the Fire industry. Fire related industries are; Stock market, entertainment, lighting, flammables, petrol, power station, explosives, food, restaurants, chef, toys, beauty, media, advertising, jewellery, airlines, computers, electronics, technology, public speaking and decorating. So, prospects for these this year will be good. Especially the stock market in the first half of 2017.

Prosperity also abounds for the Water industries because Water conquers Fire, and Fire is symbolic of money to the Water industry. Water related industries are; journalism, alcohol, aquatic, fisheries, sailing, shipping, sales, tourism, trading, transport, cleaning, sound systems, and import and export markets. With creative strategies, the Water industry’s outlook is good but do not take big risks and not a time to think of expansion in 2017.

Earth related industries are also due for positive results. The outlook is good as Earth produces Metal. However, Earth’s money element is Water which is noticeable in this year’s chart, but extra hard work will be needed for a slow gain in wealth and profits. Be cautious with investments and only take small risks. Earth related industries are; property, real estate, building construction, farming, insurance, leadership, leather, ceramics, pottery, hotels and building materials.

It’s not such a favourable year for the Metal industries. Whilst the Metal industries will be lively, the Rooster brings with it many competitors. Therefore, rivalry and a competitive outlook is indicated. Think of long term planning and calculated risks but wealth luck and profits are not strong in 2017. Metal related industries are; jewellery, finance, banking, law, computer, airlines, white goods, metal mining, metal equipment, motor, automobiles and martial arts.

And whilst the Wood industries will also be relatively lively because Wood produces Fire, Wood being the resource element is not weak with the strong presence of water in 2017. Wood represents intelligence and creativity. As the earth element is not strong, it indicates in Wood industry’s work but little return this year. 2017 is a good year to purchase property. Business can grow with the ability to gain wealth and profit luck but returns will not be seen in 2017. Wood related industries are; furniture, plantations, agriculture, wood craft, philosophy, medical, biology, education, textiles, paper, publishing, arts and culture, gardening, farming, flowers, plants, environment, fashion, clothing and hair styling.


animalsLove and family luck is strong with flower of romance and peach blossom. This is an excellent year for meeting and entering a new loving relationship. The energy and circumstances about are very conducive for marriage. As Nobleman and Academic luck is also abound, a very good year to have babies. The jealous vibrations though can cause difficulty in relationships and married couples must be aware of third-party interferences.

Each Chinese animal has a ‘secret friend’ animal and a ‘clash’ animal. A secret friend offers protection, while a clash animal brings about certain unfavourable interaction. This is how accidents and disasters are predicted for the year. The Rooster has “Peach Blossom” or “Flower of Romance” beneficial to glamourous industry such as beauty, fashion, entertainment and music. Negatively it will bring an increase in sex scandals. Yin Fire Rooster also brings Nobleman and Academic luck. Making life smoother with support from others and a strong appetite for study and knowledge. Nobleman and Academic luck only appear together twice in the 60-year cycle in Yin Fire Rooster and Yin Water Rabbit years indicating a good year for the birth of baby’s. The Rooster’s clash animal is the Rabbit. The Rabbit is also classified as a “Flower of Romance” animal, therefore in 2017, the Rooster and Rabbit clash will bring about a clash of increased sex scandals.

Year of the Rooster also brings with it a ‘Self penalty’. The self-penalty is that of the Rooster and Rabbit and brings about health issues relating to lung, breathing organs, skin, teeth, heart, brain and the nervous system.

As the self-penalty is unseen danger, it will cause serious misfortune relating to health and relationships. To help subdue misfortune, it is advised to carry a pendant of the Dragon animal. This is because the Rooster’s secret friend is the Dragon. With a Dragon present, the Rooster will prefer to play with the Dragon, rather than causing too much otherwise havoc.

Although Rabbits will be in clash in 2017, there is also movement forecast for the Rabbit. There may be the opportunity for Rabbits to change jobs or homes – which will be favourable. Rabbit should, however, refrain from high injury activities and sports such as parachuting, sky diving, motor sports, etc. Injury’s to the back bones and limbs is indicated.

It is strongly recommended that Rabbit carry the Dragon pendant (the Rooster’s secret friend), to minimise the negative influences of this clash.

It’s also not a favourable year for the actual Rooster, because the Rooster will be confronting the Grand Duke, and to do so brings disharmony, irritations, worries, frustration and sickness. The Grand Duke is an energy point from the Universe that is classed as a God. It will be favourable for Rooster-born people to also carry a Dragon pendant; and to keep noise and interaction in the West of homes to a minimum.

Famous Rooster born people, Paris Hilton, Cate Blanchett, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Eric Clapton and Roger Federer will all be offending the Grand duke and be in self-penalty, these stars are likely to have strong media coverage maybe of the not so positive form. Also, stars born on day of Rooster are likely to have disharmony within their relationships – Jodie Foster, Camilla, Mick Jagger, Matt Damon and Jamie Oliver.

Rabbit year and day born people also will face challenging times with relationships … Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic, Jamie Oliver – all born Rabbit Year. And Rabbit day people … Prince Charles, Nicole Kidman, Harrison Ford, Stephen King, Rachel Ray will continue to have challenges with their spouses.

As 2016’s Yang Fire was like the Sun, Yin Fire is like the stars. 2017’s Yin Fire being weakened with Metal is further indication of the passing away of movie stars and celebrities in 2017.

2017 looks to be an optimistic, innovative, glamorous year tainted with loss and explosive energies …