Five Elements – Water Element

The WATER element can be quite strong. Many of us find the sound of water soothing but it can also be used to energize a space. Water is associated with the north and career section. Be sparing in use as moving water can over-stimulate chi, this is why tabletop fountains, aquariums or images of water should never be used in the bedroom. Water is also associated with black, blue, irregular or wavy shapes and translucent materials like glass. To add water energy to a room you could introduce a blue sofa or decorative items, black shelving, a textured glass bowl, a curvy chair. A water feature placed correctly can calm and energize chi.

The WATER ELEMENT is found in:

• Streams, rivers, pools, fountains and water features of all kinds.

• Reflective surfaces, such as cut crystal, glass and mirrors.

• Free-form, flowing and asymmetrical shapes.

• The black and dark tone spectrum of colours, such as charcoal, midnight blue colour tones.