I have been following Michelle’s Feng Shui advice for over 12 years. She is an amazing, very professional person with many of her predications being very accurate.
Dot O’Sullivan
Michele is a True Master of Feng Shui. I have had her involved with my own homes and my workplace's for about 16 or 17 years now. She is a pleasure to work with and knows so much about Feng Shui, and how to remedy all situations. Having Feng Shui in my life has helped the energy of my family and workplace, and make them amazing places to want to be, you can feel the calmness and the energy flowing. I am hooked, I love the beginning of every new year, so see what is changed, I love the Bazi Charts you get too, So many interesting things about life and yourself.
Ann Meney
We have been knowing Michele for over 12 years. Always very happy with the Feng Shui readings she does for us yearly, we often refer to and use as guidance throughout each year. Michele has helped us with the purchase of our homes. Happily, highly recommended Michele when you need a Feng Shui master for your house, office, and guidance yearly to get you through the year, year after year fan. Michele is very warm, approachable and brings a beautiful energy within her presents.
Aria & Michael Van Uffelen
I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to Michele and Feng Shui at least 6 years ago. It came about around the trials and tribulations I was having with the building and surroundings I lived and continue to live in. Well, I took on the recommendation to have her check the place out and was pleasantly surprised at her findings and cures and hence allowing peace and harmony to return to my home again. I have completed some courses with Michele and am amazed at how knowledgeable, intuitive, and magical she is... brilliant Feng shui master in my books. I continue to use her for annual assessment of energy flows etc for my home and other aspects of my life. Love her work and her as a professional being that she is. I highly recommend Michele as a Feng Shui expert and teacher.
Bhavna Mistry
Michele has a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of feng shui, which she shares with generosity and clarity. She interprets the Chinese astrology charts of each member of the household with great insight and intuitive understanding. Michele is always empathetic to the needs and circumstances of her clients and has helped me and my family tremendously over the many years we have made use of her services. I highly recommend Michele and her work!
Annie Vorster
Great experience with Michele. Very approachable, polite, and friendly. Michele has a lot of Feng Shui knowledge. I feel that I can still ask her questions even after she has completed my consultation and report. Will continue with Michele for all future Feng Shui and interior design matters.
Mary Valentina
Michele Castle is an amazing Fengshui master and has done a very detailed informative book for my home and family. The detailed charts and reports gave us great insight, her amazing experience and explanations help guide us with what the energy is bringing with the year and elements. It has helped us be best prepared, even for the best Feng Shui for our business and money as well. I am grateful for Michelle's guidance, and I trust her and highly recommend her to my family and friends for her in-depth Feng Shui knowledge.
Bass Tadros
Since I first met Michele from Complete Feng Shui eight years ago, she has guided me on energetically restoring my house's virtues, found me a landscape artist to design the Garden of Eden of my dreams and sailed me onto the sweet shores of fulfilling romance. She is my go-to Guru and a master of her craft.
Monica Wood
Michelle is always helpful and willing to advise what works best for everyone in our household. We have engaged her service for over 10 years now on property purchase and annual readings. She is always friendly and so easy to work with. Highly recommend her service.
Frank Walsh