Feng Shui Basics

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Feng Shui Basic Rules and Remedies

Natural Rock Crystals

Bring in auspicious mountain energy best for star 8. Be careful where crystals are placed as they will activate illness and bad luck placed in the wrong section of your home.

Dragon Tortoise

Embodying both the bravery of the dragon and protective qualities of the tortoise, this creature is most useful for protection. Can be used for protection from the grand duke as well.

DragonPlace a dragon image near your water feature for added effectiveness. The presence of the dragon empowers the water with energy. Promoting positive energy.


Glitter lamps as well as lava lamps are great for increasing yang energy. Use when fire or red needs to be introduced as well as a bright light remedy.

Grand Duke

God of the year sitting in the northwest in 2006. Best never to offend by facing directly. Do not undertake banging, digging or cutting in this location. To ignore this rule invites problems and worry into the household.

Dragon Horses

Are the best protection against the danger of the 3 killings, which sits in the north in 2006 and brings three kinds of bad luck – loss of wealth, loss of health, and loss of relationships.

Red Crystal

A cure to overcome the hostile number 3 star is a triangular re coloured crystal, which manifests perfect fire energy to overcome ill-fortune.

Six Crystal Balls

Placed in the northeast of the home in 2006 to energize the white number 6.

Five Element Pagoda

Encompassing the five essential elements of Feng Shui, this pagoda can be used as a decorative object to ward off negative earth energies and of star 5.

Lava Lamps

Is excellent yang fire energy great in the southwest this year.
Also good in bedrooms where fire energy in needed.