What is Feng Shui

Why does Feng Shui work…?

The wonderful thing about Feng Shui is the positive benefit it creates for everyone. It is about feeling happy, prosperous, and contented. Feng Shui is not just about becoming wealthy or achieving success – it is concerned with enriching lives, reducing aggravations, and bringing happiness into relationships.When you know how to orientate your doors, organize the layout of rooms, arrange furniture, be creative in the use of colours, shapes and materials and know about placement of decorative items in your home, you will discover a new energy and zest for life. Life will become joyous; your relationships with loved ones will reach a better level of understanding. Interactions with others living in the home will begin to improve. If you also know how to keep your Feng Shui up-to-date from one year to the next, the benefits will be even greater.

When your home enjoys good Feng Shui, it literally becomes infused with harmonious energy and in such an atmosphere general health is greatly improved. With your home happy and calm it will become a real haven, a sanctuary – just as a home should be. Feng Shui is easily applied. The rule is to keep the Chi moving – never let it stagnate or become unbalanced. Sound, activity, movement and people all keep Chi in motion.

When a space stays too still and is neglected for a period of time it stagnates. However, the simple act of moving the furniture and using different areas of your home will shift the energy, making you feel much better.

The arrangement of our home space is something many of us take for granted. Often we focus our attention purely on the aesthetic aspect of arrangement and décor.

Insufficient consideration is often given to Feng Shui design implications. Correct Feng Shui inputs can improve the luck of almost every home, irrespective of style or decoration.

At worst, bad Feng Shui and/or negative elements lead to anger, loss and even violence. Bad Feng Shui means negatives are present, causing (you) problems from health issues to loss of finances.

If the cause of bad energy is not addressed, you will continue to suffer difficult times.

The other aspect of Feng Shui that must be accounted, for is time.

While physical afflictions are the result of placement, design, blockages and orientation, time afflictions are the result of passing time. Therefore we have two dimensions which influence Feng Shui – space and time.

To ensure that you make the best of time energy, you need to update your Feng Shui in accordance with changing time.

The Chinese place great emphasis on the calendar. The main Chinese calendar is the lunar calendar.

Each cycle of calendar time is expressed in terms of the five elements water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These five elements combined with the twelve animals mean that each major cycle lasts for 60 years.

As we move from one year to the next, energy changes. Transforming from yin to yang, from element to element, from one animal sign to the next.

Depending on the ruling element and animal, from one month to the next, the energy in the home and that of personalities changes.

Time exerts a very strong impact on your Feng Shui, your luck and destiny.

Good Feng Shui can not and does not last forever. It has to be recharged with small but significant changes every year.

Energy must be refreshed, reorganized and re energized. Spaces and places need rejuvenating.

Energy must be kept moving.

Flying Star formula Feng Shui is a technical approach which directly addresses the effect of time on the energy of homes and businesses.

We are currently in a twenty year period ruled by the number eight. We entered this new period of 8 on February 4 2004. With the change of period comes an intrinsic change of energy.

Prior to February 2004, the world was influenced by the energy of metal. When the pursuit of wealth overshadowed most other aspirations. Money was made from metal energy this occurred especially in the USA – (think of Bill Gates and Microsoft along with developments in computer technology).

Period seven ended in 2004.

In the last year, many countries have experienced upheaval – with leadership changes or renewals.

This has been felt on a macro and micro level around the world from the corridors of national governments to households and offices.

With the period change, houses that were built in period seven experienced a weakening in their vitality. All buildings constructed during this time need their energy revitalized and replenished.

You will see at a glance, that by simply opening a window or a door, or by moving a mirror.

StoneTowerBy implementing the Flying Star formula, painting, or buying new rugs, carpet or floor coverings you can safeguard the harmony of your home by uplifting the energy.

You can tell from month to month where illness energy lingers. This can be suppressed with remedies.

Most importantly you can put a stop to financial loss, broken relationships, frustration, disharmony and the pernicious effect of aggravating people.

By investing time and effort to Feng Shui your home, you will have added a valuable resource to your life.

Enhancing the energy of your surroundings with Feng Shui, your view and approach to living spaces will never be the same again.