Easy Office Feng Shui – You Can Use Today!

3 Feng Shui Power Tips for Business Success

Feng Shui isn’t just for your home… It works in your office or place of business as well! Here we explore some powerful Feng Shui tips to encourage abundance, positive work flow, productivity and success. From activating wealth energies to optimizing desk placement and harnessing the power of water, these easy steps will elevate your business environment and unlock its full potential for growth and prosperity. Below are 3 Power Tips you can use today!

  1. Activate Wealth Energies with a Wealth Bowl: Place a wealth bowl filled with auspicious symbols such as gemstones, coins, and precious objects in the wealth corner of your office or workspace. This corner is typically the far left corner from the entrance, according to the Bagua map. The wealth bowl acts as a powerful symbol of abundance and prosperity, attracting positive energy and opportunities for financial growth.
  2. Optimize Desk Placement for ‘Command Position‘: Position your desk in the Command Position of your office – facing the door with a clear view of the room. This placement allows you to command the energy flow in your workspace, promoting a sense of control and authority. Avoid sitting with your back to the door, as it can create a sense of vulnerability and hinder productivity. Pair this power position with a sturdy and comfortable chair for enhanced support.
  3. Harness the Power of Water Features: Incorporate a small table top fountain or aquarium in the wealth corner; or South East sector; of your office. Water symbolizes wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui and the gentle flow of water enhances the flow of positive energy. Ensure the water feature is kept clean and well maintained to avoid stagnant energy and money draining away.

PRO TIP to Increase Your Sales: Tape three Emperor coins tied together with red string to your professional documents – especially onto the working files of big jobs you are bidding on or important legal documents. Be sure to use a red string to activate with plenty of Yang energy. Use these coins at your business or home office.

UPDATED: April 28th, 2024

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