We have all experienced Feng Shui in our lives. Many of us have favorite memories, places, a sense of belonging and security and harmony within nature and our environment.

What you felt was good Feng Shui. The energy of a place or indeed your own energy, and how the two interact is central to Feng Shui.

Energize Life Feng Shui promises that once you create balance and harmony you will increase your peace, security, prosperity, happiness, health, love and luck

Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of placement, to bring about a balance between people and their environment.

Good Feng Shui enables us to enhance and increase balance, harmony, health and prosperity within our living and working environment.

We all wish for the best possible support for good health and prosperity. These principles can be applied to your home or business.

Feng Shui is a mathematical science and there is an analytical process involved. It has been around for over one thousand years and is practiced extensively around the world. It has been applied by private home owners through to the largest of corporations and for many varied reasons.

Although today, architects are using Feng Shui in their work in major ways, the majority of us have homes, work spaces and physical environments which are not energy balanced. So it is not surprising that many of us experience a lack of balance and harmony.

Classical Feng Shui is the most important cure but modern cures can also be supportive.

Feng Shui is the ancient art of energy flow in the home and environment. It has been practiced successfully in Chinese homes for over a thousand years.

It has now become increasingly popular in the West, as people discover that by following its principles of furniture placement and the right use of colour, they can dramatically improve the atmosphere in their homes, relationships, lives; business and environment.

Thus increasing their overall happiness and well being.

Feng Shui works on the basis that there are energy current – known as chi – that flow through the home. When these flow through the home, the atmosphere is vibrant and positive.

But when blocked negative energies and obstructions are present. These stagnate and may cause damage to the health and attitudes of the people living there, creating arguments, sickness, misfortune, bad luck, set backs and difficulties.

The Five Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood govern energy and relate to colour. Colour is one of the highest vibrations of energy. With the help of correct element and colour placement in your home, you can balance out the energy forces within to Energize Life.

The calculations used in the Flying Star method of Feng Shui are based on thousands of years of observation about man in his environment.

A compass reading is required, and together with other details about the home or business, information is gained which is then used to provide cures to balance the energies that are present.

Just like a horoscope, your building can have yearly positive and negative influences. This can be remedied.

A Good Feng Shui consultation will take many aspects into consideration. When having a Feng Shui assement it is important to consider what changes, if any, you require in your home.

There is no bad home – all homes and businesses are maps of who we are, our past, present and future.

Have you ever experienced difficulties after moving into a new home? Do you remember visiting a house that you couldn’t wait to escape from?

Chances are that you were picking up on the negative energy of these environments, and this made you feel uncomfortable. Disease, relationship conflicts, infertility, accidents and obstacles are just some things that can result from living in a discordant environment.

Some people deal with this discordant environment unconsciously, by spending all their time outside the home or by going on holiday, as they know they will feel much better away from home.

Alternatively, some may notice that they feel sick on weekdays in an unhealthy work environment and feel more healthy on the weekends while at home.

The problem may have many origins, including incorrect placement, poor room orientation, an unsupportive surrounding landscape, harmful earth energies or negative energy from past residents.

Feng Shui can help to recognize and counteract possible detrimental influences. It enables you to align your home and space using principles and placement to nourish positive growth and circumstances in your life.

Naturally, our destiny and fortune are also influenced by factors other than our homes. None of the problems resulting from poor Feng Shui are inevitable and insurmountable.

Adhering to the major precepts of Feng Shui is said to create happy home karma whereby all enjoy optimal health, wealth and happiness.