Kitchen Feng Shui

The kitchen is an important area, sometimes described as the “soul of the house” It is the part of the home that both affects and is influenced by the mother energy of the home. This area embodies all the important elements that bind members of the household together – love, unity, patience and compassion.

Your kitchen should always have sufficient lighting, and be airy and spacious.

Kitchens should never be located in the middle of the home; the best position is nearer the back than the front of the house.

There are two important elements in the kitchen: the stove (the FIRE element) and the sink and refrigerator (the WATER element.)

Do not place the stove either next to or directly opposite the sink or refrigerator, because of the incompatibility of water and fire. The stove should be at least two feet away from the sink.

The mouth of the stove should face one of the best directions of the father or patriarch of the family. * This energizes the stove making the food that is cooked in it auspicious for the family. Check the Kua number of the patriarch or breadwinner of the family to determine his or her best directions.

The kitchen stove should not be in the northwest sector. This is called “Fire at Heaven’s Gate” and brings bad luck to the breadwinner, causing the loss of the job and money by fire. The northwest corner of a house represents the father and it also the place where heaven energy pours into the home.

The stove should not face the main door or any bedroom door and should not be directly under an exposed overhead beam. The stove should not directly face a toilet door or be placed directly under a toilet on the floor above…

The kitchen is useful for pressing down “bad luck” caused by certain flying star numbers or personalized directions of bad fortune. According to the Eight Mansions and Flying Star formulas, certain sectors of the house are deemed to be lucky and unlucky. If your kitchen is located in an unlucky sector then this can be good thing! As it will help disperse any negative energy.