Understanding Every Meaning of the Symbol of Feng Shui

Feng Shui symbols come in different manners. Different Feng Shui symbols bring good fortune and good luck. It is important that these symbols are strategically placed in your home to obtain good fortune. Below are some symbol of Feng Shui that will generally provide you with good fortune and good luck.

The Good Luck Symbolic Coins

By giving three good luck coins that are tied using a red ribbon, the receiver and the giver will both obtain positive luck and good fortune. The sharing of the coins generally means sharing luck and wealth.

Moon Frog (Three-Legged)

This is another symbol of Feng Shui that effectively improves prosperity and good luck. This frog is holding a coin using its mouth and must be placed right on the front part of your home and have to face to the house. The frog is a symbol that is a very significant demonstration of fortune and wealth. Also, this is also directly coupled with a person having a long life.

The Dragon Turtle

This symbol of Feng Shui is suitable for making a business fruitful. This will also help develop relationships with the people around you. This Feng Shui symbol should be placed in your home’s prosperity corner, particularly in the South-East area. Additionally, this symbol is a representation of a fruitful and long life.

The Golden Cat

Generally symbolizing protection and abundance, this statue is a very unique symbol of Feng Shui. On a side of the symbol is a smiling Cat, holding up the left paw to attract money and good fortune. On its other side is frowning, a broom in hand, symbolizing protection. The broom significantly represents sweeping away all your troubles.

The Golden Pigs

A golden pig symbolizes happiness and prosperity to your home. This symbol of Feng Shui also represents diligence, initiative, and honesty. Using golden pigs is very suitable if you are just setting up your new home or starting a new business.

Three Star Gods

This is the most hallowed symbol of Feng Shui Gods. The three Gods represent longevity, wealth, and health.


These symbols are best when hung outside your door. They should be facing between the West and the North. These bells effectively ring in new and better prosperities. On some other parts of your house, you can also place crystal or ceramic bells.

The Wealth Bucket

The bucket is made of metal. Fill it with coins before placing them on a corner of your home, specifically North West. Never display the bucket. Instead, keep it inside a drawer or a cabinet.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are also good Feng Shui symbols. To increase wealth, place them inside your home, specifically in the South East corner.


5-complete-feng-shui-7-300x200Fish is another symbol of Feng Shui that provides prosperity. By placing three similar gold fish into a bowl, experts believe that it

can bring in good fortune and wealth into your business or your home.

Understand what every symbol of Feng Shui represents before you buy them for your home or business so that you will not have a hard time finding the right one for good fortune to energize your life with feng shui symbols.