What Does Your Mouth Say About You?

In the ancient art of Chinese face reading, every facial feature holds clues to one’s personality, character, and destiny. While the eyes are often considered the windows to the soul, the lips also play a significant role in revealing a person’s inner nature. Interestingly, the size and thickness of both the upper and lower lips can provide valuable insights into an individual’s temperament and emotional tendencies. A big mouth can suggest an extroverted personality while a small mouth belongs to an introvert. A person with a thin upper lip, on the other hand, do not express their feelings well, lack empathy and can be mistaken as uncaring or cruel. What about the lower lip?

Your Upper Lip & Your Personality

According to Chinese face reading, the upper lip holds significant clues about a person’s personality and behaviour. Face readers analyse its size, shape, and features to reveal insights into character traits. A thin upper lip is associated with sensitivity, creativity, and empathy, while a thick upper lip signifies strength, determination, and ambition. The shape of the upper lip, whether cupped or flat, also indicates personality tendencies, with cupped lips suggesting warmth and empathy, and flat lips reflecting practicality and logic. Additionally, the presence or absence of a defined philtrum (the little groove under your nose) offers further insights into intelligence, creativity and being grounded. Overall, the upper lip serves as a revealing window into an individual’s inner world and character traits.

Lower Lip Characteristics in Face Reading

In Chinese face reading, the lower lip governs sexual desire, health, and emotional wellbeing. A full lower lip signifies vitality, warmth, and expressiveness, while a thin lower lip may indicate introversion and difficulty in emotional expression. The shape and positioning of the lower lip reflect communication skills and assertiveness, with a well-defined lower lip suggesting confidence and decisiveness. Additionally, the colour and texture of the lower lip offer clues about physical health and emotional state, while lines or wrinkles can reveal life experiences and emotional history. Overall, understanding the characteristics of the lower lip can provide valuable insights for individuals seeking self-awareness and guidance in navigating life’s challenges.

The Shape of Your Lips & Your Personality

The shape of our lips provides valuable information about our personality traits and characteristics. Thin lips indicate introversion and attention to detail, while full lips are linked to sociability, passion, and confidence. Those with big lips tend to be impulsive and creative, while those with small lips are realistic and goal-oriented. To have a complete picture of ourselves, it’s crucial to understand that lip shape is only one facet of our personalities and should be taken into account in addition to other aspects. In order to navigate life’s challenges with greater self-awareness and authenticity, we can embrace the distinctive qualities that our lips reveal.

Lip Size in Face Reading

Lip size is a key aspect examined in face reading, indicating expressiveness and strong communication skills. Full lips suggest outgoing, confident individuals, while thin lips may denote reserve and introversion. Lip size can also reflect levels of self-confidence and emotional expression, with full lips often associated with passion and sensuality. Pairing this with lip shape offers further insight, with well-defined cupid’s bows suggesting creativity, and straight lips implying practicality. While face reading isn’t exact, it offers a captivating glimpse into personality dynamics.

Chinese face reading is a complex art that places emphasis on the mouth as a key element in revealing insights into a person’s inner thoughts and characteristics. Each part of the lips, from the upper lip to the lower lip, can provide valuable information about an individual’s personality and well-being. By paying attention to details such as lip size, shape, and features, people can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their personal growth journey. Utilizing the wisdom gained from the distinct characteristics of their lips can help individuals navigate life’s challenges with increased self-awareness and authenticity. Through the ancient practice of face reading, individuals can explore the intricate dynamics of personality and gain a better understanding of human expression and uniqueness.

UPDATED: April 29th, 2024.