Feng Shui Items

Tips for Using Feng Shui Items

Feng Shui is an ancient study for arranging objects in the space in such a manner so that harmony with the environment can be established. In other words, Feng Shui offers arrangement in the space in order to imitate the sign of nature which is not only safe for us, but also life saving.

There are different Feng Shui items that can be placed in different locations in order to allow the positive energy to flow. However, both the Feng Shui items and positioning of the particular items are important for the positive energy to flow effectively. Below are some common Feng Shui items, which are seen the most worldwide.

Laughing Buddha

This is one of the most common Feng Shui items. Laughing Buddha is the symbol of pure happiness, joy and satisfaction. Laughing Buddha has a variety of forms. Sometimes, Laughing Buddha is also accompanied by children. This implies Laughing Buddha’s love for children. Laughing Buddha carries a bag with him.

The bag is filled with beautiful gifts, especially for children. Laughing Buddha may come in other different shapes as well. Each shape has different implications. For example, the statue Laughing Buddha with Heavenly Gourd signifies longevity, satisfaction, commitment to practice and free from burdens and worries.

Money Frog and Coins

Both Money Frog and coins are used to attract money. Money Frog is one of the best selling Feng Shui items. It symbolizes attraction to money and abundance. In order to boost up the quality of the Money Frog, you need to place both the mouth of the Frog and the coin facing inside the home. But the frog must be elevate to give the frog respect.

This allows you to obtain and gather wealth. Money Frogs are available in different material. Depending on your taste.

Eight or nine coins can be tied by using a tassel to bring luck and money. Eight symbolizes infinity. You need to place these coins together at the front door to obtain long term success. They can be hung from your entry door .

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks is one of the most exquisite Feng Shui items used to restore health. It is quite prevalent around Europe, however, resident to East Asia. These birds are the symbol for ever-lasting love. It is mainly because their living pattern. They always live in pairs and mate their partner for life. This is why they are considered as the natural symbol of never-ending love and strong relationship. You should place Mandarin Ducks statue in the living area or in the bedroom in order to stabilize your love life and make it.