Colour permeates the world, and all cultures are influenced by it.

Colour is a form of light of electromagnetic radiation energy that vibrates in the same way as heat, sound, and radio waves.

It comes from the pure white light of sunlight, which is essential.

Every living thing or object comprises energy modern physics has even accepted that solid objects are made of energy that simply vibrates at a different, heavier frequency.

It is believed that colour vibrates at a higher frequency than sound and therefore has a stronger effect on us.

The radiation of colour forms part of the electro magnetic spectrum.

Colour denotes our personalities, dream and desires. It can drain energy or inspire vitality, helping or hindering attitudes and emotions.

You can empower your life through selecting the right colours. You can improve key areas of your life from health to love to wealth; you can use colours to make real changes that will affect you immediately.

Your home is your personal sanctuary from the stresses and strains of the world. It is here that you relax and spend time.

Time spent at home is invaluable for rebalancing your energies. In the light of this, it is extremely important that you use the powerful effects of colour to your advantage.

Choosing the right hues and tones for your home, based on it’s direction and the Five Element system, creates a positive space.

Although we all react individually to the vibrational energy of colour. This is because colour vibrates at different frequencies and creates a reaction in all of us.

The colour that emanates from our walls has the power to make us feel content, calm, or inspired to socialize. Conversely, unsuitable colours make us unsettled, restless, argumentive and even cause ill health and loss of wealth.We may walk into a room and immediately feel relaxed and at peace; this will often happen in a blue room, because this colour sends out calming, short energy-waves. In an orange room however, the warmth and vibrancy of this colours longer wavelengths may make you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Energy Flow

completefengshuielementswindow-300x200In Feng Shui the ancient practice of good energy flow. Feng Shui works on the basis that there are energy currents known as CHI that flow through the home.

When these flow freely, the homes atmosphere is vibrant and positive, but when blockages and other obstruction are present, the energy can stagnate and may damage health and attitudes. ? bringing the right colour vibrations into a house can create harmony and balance in it.

By using the Five Elements system, you can enhance the energy that is inherent in each room by painting it the colours of it’s corresponding element. Each element Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal has a special energy. By enhancing it room to it’s elemental colour, you can tap into the positive chi (energy) of that space to make it work the best for you. The Tai chi symbol showsthe opposite forces of yin and yang in a state of balance. In the home, ceramic yang items can be balanced by soft yin furnishings.The opposing forces of yin and yang energies are seen as central part of Feng Shui.

Yin and Yang

completefengshuiyinyangYin is considered a female energy: dark, passive, representing the earth, darkness, the moon, and death. While yang is male: positive and bright and representing heaven, light, the sun, and life. The tai chi symbol graphically shows the interaction of yin and yang, and how one cannot exist without the other. In the home it is important to balance hard yang accessories with soft yin items. Generally, the perception is that the darker the colour, such as black or blue, then the more yin (passive) it is. The lighter the colour, such as white, the more yang (positive) it is. Darker or brighter shades of colour bring in more energy, while softer pastel shades generate less energy. However it is more important to find the shade of colour that appeals most to you.


energize-life-5-elements_horzntl-300x53The five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

Each element symbolically represents a certain activity or condition certain colors also correspond to each element, and the activities or conditions follow the connection as well.

Earth colours – yellow, earth tones activity or condition – stability, security, aversion to change.

Metal colours – gold, silver, white activity or condition – structure, focus, details, criticism, contraction.

Water colours – dark blue, black activity or condition – fluidity, stillness, uncontained, yielding

Wood colours – green activity or condition – growth, new ideas, expansion.

Fire colours – red, hot orange activity or condition – action, inspiration, heated discussions

If paint is not an option, you can create some element balance by using furnishings and accessories of the colour needed, so you still receive the beneficial energy needed.

Because the aim is to make the most via colour and elements to support or control, and harness the rooms for balance and harmony.