Energize Feng Life Shui

What is Feng Shui…

Feng Shui should be realistic and practical.

Feng Shui originated in China, over five thousand years ago, as a way of achieving harmony between the environment and human beings. Feng Shui was originally used for agriculture, then for orientating dwellings and places of business.

The success of Feng Shui is assured with a potent combination of architecture, interior design, philosophy and common sense.

We are fortunate to be able to choose the environment in which we live and work. When our environment supports us, we function better.

The environment in which we live is therefore an extension of ourselves, our personalities. The environment represents the personality of the people who live there. This applies to our home, business, suburb and / or country.

Feng Shui understands the interaction between human beings and the environment, providing a complex system to harmonise these forces.

Contemporary Feng Shui follows strict laws of nature, combining technology to detect and remedy unwanted influences.

Feng Shui determines a building’s prosperity and support according to the ever changing cycles of time.

Good Feng Shui improves health, wellbeing and environment.

In the process nurturing increased happiness and prosperity.